J4 Music & Composition, LLC (J4MC) was founded in 2011 by award winning composer, John F. Rowles.  Launching this venture allowed John to follow his passion for music.  Because of the rich, detailed quality of the compositions, requests for his work in 2011 were numerous with 2012 being even more fruitful.  John lives and works in the DC Metro Region and has provided music for a variety of television and radio programs as well as independent movies and web series.  Many of the television shows J4MC has scored can be found at http://www.fcac.org/.  To hear the associated themes, use the player on the J4MC home page.

Early in 2012 J4MC began scoring the full length documentary, “Who The Hell Is Ray Hagen and Why Should I Care?” Tunarellie Sound and Design, http://www.tunarelli.com/¬†and a DC Shorts festival entry called “The Politics of Zach” from Heron Media, http://www.heron-media.com/. ¬†Three original songs were chosen for the independent full length feature “Arrange To Settle” including the title song and Malayalam wedding music. ¬†J4MC also scored two 48 Hour Film projects for DC and Baltimore entrants; “Mancession” and “Once Upon An Elevator” both winning the audience award. ¬†Each film was directed by renowned director Ishu Krishna and can be seen at¬†http://vimeo.com/42038478¬†and¬†http://vimeo.com/43361455.

Recently J4MC has contributed to a new independent short film titled, “A New Chapter” by first time director Aaron Lasher. ¬†We also fully scored “Conflict Within” a short film entrant in the DC GI Film Festival and requested to continue voice over narration for the 2nd part of “Climate change, Migration, and Conflict in Northwest Africa” for the Center for American Progress; the latter can be seen on the home page. ¬†In the Fall, J4MC began work on a new film, “The Void” by director Scott Bastedo. ¬†Near the end of 2012, Heron Media chose J4MC to score the short film “Killer”; a brand new project featuring intrigue coupled with breathtaking scenery and cinematography, due out in late December. ¬†Also in December,¬†Producer Vonnetta Cornish tapped J4MC¬†to contribute songs to the soundtrack for her new independent full length feature “Bachelorette’s Degree”. ¬†We are very excited for what 2013 will bring!

Also in 2012, J4MC was chosen by the Home Team Band out of Reno, NV to arrange songs for a new full length album of sports related songs.  We will be doing the pre-production for multiple tunes including instrumentation, arrangements, recording, mixing and delivery.  This exciting new project will be marketed to sports channels such as ESPN.  We humbly thank Eric Elmore for this opportunity.

2012 also brought the release of “Various Instrumentals, Vol. 2” filled with an eclectic variety of music beds ready for licensing for any media project. ¬†Clips can be heard on the Downloads page.

Early in 2011, J4MC was requested to compose¬†the soundtrack for the independant film “Jelani” by the film’s executive producer Omar Chase Kaseko, for which¬†it provided 7 original compositions.¬† The film debuted¬†to a sold out theater¬†on March 13, 2011.¬†¬†For more about the film and its debut, go to¬†www.youtube.com/watch¬†and their Facebook page,¬†www.facebook.com/pages/Jelani-Film/181062648575942.¬† During this same time period, John released his second solo CD, “Unusual Chi”.¬† The title references¬†a diverse collection¬†of culture and sound¬†from blues to world, vocal and instrumental, and social commentary.¬† He played every instrument and produced the entire CD in his home studio.¬† To hear samples and license songs, go to the Downloads page.

During the recording sessions for “Unusual Chi”, J4MC was asked to provide themes for the main characters in a novel by Merlene Vassall titled, “The Vampire and the Vegan”. ¬†This is an exceptional book full of imagery and important social messages.¬†¬†For information about the book, author, and to hear the music¬†go to www.vampireandvegan.com.

In May of 2011, J4MC provided a score for the short film “Wish You Were Here” for Citra Productions during the DC 48 Hour Film Project, winning Best Music for the 6 original compositions for the film. ¬†You can watch the film at www.vimeo.com/24335805.¬† Thanks to the entire cast and crew for a great experience.¬† The music for the film earned a Television Internet Video Association of DC (TIVA-DC) Peer Silver Award.¬† You can find more information about the festival at www.48hourfilm.com/dc/¬†and the TIVA-DC Peer Awards at www.tivadc.org/index.php.

Also in May of 2011, John released “Various Instrumentals, Vol. 1” to iTunes and Amazon. ¬†This compilation CD contains a wide variety of styles, genres, and textures for all music lovers. ¬†John recorded and produced “Various Instrumentals” in his home studio, individually playing each instrument and producing each track.¬†¬†The songs can be heard¬†and licensed on¬†the downloads page.

Later in 2011, J4MC was contacted by Howard University Heart Center to provide background music for their latest promotional video and can be viewed on the J4MC home page.¬† J4MC¬†is honored to be affiliated with such a prestigious institution.¬† In September¬†Mesaper Productions requested J4MC to score the short film, “In The Family” which¬†debuted at the New York Film Academy and has been submitted to the Sundance Film Festival; it can be viewed on the J4MC page.¬† In August of 2011,¬†director/producer Nayab Hussain¬†requested J4MC to provide opening and closing theme songs and voice over work for her web series, “Scripts”; a comedy about a pharmacy which can be¬†viewed¬†on the J4MC home page. ¬†Near the end of the year, J4MC provided the theme song to a new web series, “Toying With Jerry”, that debuted in 2012 and is the brainchild of director Rich Volin. ¬†More information on current and upcoming projects can be found on the “Blatherings” page.

The¬†J4MC studio¬†uses Fender guitars, basses, and amps exclusively along with Tama and Simmons drums, and Yamaha keyboards. ¬†ProTools is used for recording, layering, and mixing the various tracks and producing the final product.¬†¬†J4MC believes that music should be composed and performed using real instruments, not simply by a “point and click” method.¬†¬†Clients can expect to receive high-quality digital recordings that are pure and original, not pre-packaged melodies, samples, and sound effects.

Fees, Services and Licensing

Film and media scoring is the process of creating music to add emotion to scenes in a movie, television show, radio show, mini-series, documentary, movie trailer, commercial, public service announcement and video game.  Scoring for these different media outlets brings out the mood and adds life to the images.  The goal of J4 Music & Composition, LLC is to bring the ideas to life through original melodies and add emotion to the images.

We will take the time to thoroughly analyze your film or media project and compose a suitable score to set the appropriate mood for your audience.  We will also work with you to ensure that your film or media project has the exact instrumentation, emotion, texture, and clarity you require.  When requesting a film score, contact us and give as much information possible about the genre and summary of the film, total run time, genre (type of film and music you are requesting), deadline for delivery, length of the score in minutes, and budget.  For most projects work cannot start until a rough is produced, however, a completed edit is most helpful.

Fees for film scores will normally be paid up front, however, we will work with you to negotiate this fee based on your budget.  Fees will vary greatly depending upon the style of music, instrumentation, cost for musicians, and timeframe for completion.  Based upon negotiation with J4MC, a Composer Agreement will specify who retains the publisher share of the music (who owns the score).  If the production company is unable to pay the fee up front, then we will negotiate to keep the publishing rights.  This will be done on a case by case basis.

Rule of thumb: When estimating a score’s cost, figure 3-5% of a film’s total budget. ¬†This can be negotiated depending on the demands of the score. ¬†There is no such thing as a zero-budget project. ¬†To get a score to match the film, it will be close to 3-5% of that number.

Music License – With Credit Given

All songs produced by J4MC are protected by U.S. Copyright laws and are registered with Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI). Contracts for licensing music can be provided directly from J4MC.  License agreements for a song or set of songs for use in your media project, such as radio, TV, websites, movies, films, works for hire, etc. can also be found through the BMI website, http://www.bmi.com/licensing/.  After choosing the appropriate contract, contact us and we will negotiate a fee that is fair for both parties.  Credit must be given in each project where a song produced by J4MC is used.