J4 Music and Composition, LLC (J4MC) offers services such as original music composition, voice overs, editing, writing (including ghostwriting), and proofreading. Having extensive musical experience in composition, recording, arranging, and instrumentation you can count on a clean and polished product every time. With voice overs we will bring your creation to life with enthusiasm, vigor, and tonality. We can also provide you with professional editing, writing, and proofreading for documents using APA and MLA styles. We seek to align with others who believe in a synergy centered positive human experience, global improvement, and strong social conscience.

Some things to considerWhen estimating the cost for an original film score figure 4-10% of a film’s total budget.  Prices can be negotiated depending on the demands of the score; there is no such thing as a zero-budget project. If you want to use any songs in our catalog a license fee will be applied. In both scenarios, we keep all rights to the songs used. Songs for private clients are done as a “work for hire” and the client keeps all rights. A flat rate is used for private clients but it can go up due to the amount of instrumentation and length. Contracts for all music be it for a film, licensing, or private client will be provided directly from J4MC and work will not begin until the contract is agreed upon and signed. A flat rate for editing, writing (including ghostwriting), and proofreading will be used for smaller projects such as 200 pages or less. For projects larger than 200 pages, a rate will be negotiated on a per page basis.

Music License
All songs in our catalog are protected by U.S. Copyright laws and are registered with Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) to protect the output from illegal use and any lost royalties. Licensing will always be a flat fee and credit must be given within the final roll out at the end of each project. J4MC keeps all rights for licensed music. Contracts for licensing music will be provided directly from J4MC


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